Festival of Ligh

Wendy Corbett

"My passion for the sea is as great as it ever was, but as with all great passions it has matured and evolved and this is reflected in my work. I look for ways to portray the sea and sky which challenge me and move me to a different level; in particular the way the colour and light create the whole mood and atmosphere. I'm still capturing just that moment in time - from the first light of dawn as the sun slowly brings the scene before me to life, to that amazing afterglow at sunset when even though no longer visible, the sun's influence works it's magic on the sky, in turn reflected in the sea and leaves me spellbound, unable to leave until the last glimmer of colour is gone.I hope that as well as the visual festival of light you also feel the mood of that particular scene as I watched it unfold before me. From the exhilaration of watching huge waves crash and break, carrying their foam rushing up the beach, to the calm and tranquility of a mill pond sea which mirrors the sky.

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