Rob Hefferan

Desire by Rob Hefferan
Silent Whispers of Love by Rob Hefferan
Reflection by Rob Hefferan
Protect Me From What I Want by Rob Hefferan
Rapture by Rob Hefferan
Vintage Romance I by Rob Hefferan
Vintage Romance II by Rob Hefferan
The Language of Love by Rob Hefferan
The Line Of Beauty I by Rob Hefferan
The Line Of Beauty II by Rob Hefferan
The Small Hours by Rob Hefferan
D'Amour II by Rob Hefferan
Love Light by Rob Hefferan
Ballade Of Romance by Rob Hefferan
Illustratively manipulating and fettling the living architecture of the human form and function, creating otherwise so often hidden depths of skins tones and structure, Rob Hefferan pays his graphical respects to the complexities of the musculature, tissue and bone interactions in his hallmark compositions, each one provoking reaction from his legion of figurative art-loving fans and seasoned collectors alike. Colour, light and texture entwine and resonate accordingly, thus fostering and projecting a wholly atmospheric and visually evocative ambience from the measured oil paint application. To the uninitiated Rob Hefferen is one of the UK’s leading contemporary figurative artists, whose administration of oils and acrylics routinely transcends form to imply the living, such is the artistic excellence and luminosity discovered in his signatory photo-realistic canvases. Born and raised in Warrington in Northern England in 1968, Hefferan is now recognised as amongst the best exponent of his genre practising today, with a reputation that deservedly goes before him.

During his childhood in Warrington, Hefferan was the sole member of his family brandishing any artistic gift, yet despite this was inspired by everything around him and determined from an early age to fulfil what he fervently believed, even back then to be his creative calling in life. This dedication to his cause and single-mindedness crops up at several stages in Hefferan’s life to date, which is no bad thing, now knowing that he realised his dream unlike so many who for various reasons fall at the wayside as they chase their own odysseys. As a kid, and returning to the art, it was all about dinosaurs for Hefferan. Whilst most youngsters obsess about robots and aliens (and possibly footballers), Hefferan was in awe of Jurassics and the drama and excitement that they represented. So this is what he drew and painted the likeness of. The subject matter might have altered during his childhood, yet the fascination with his art never waned, as next Hefferan focused his brushes on the enticing seascapes of the Cornish coast as he holidayed in and around Bude with his family.

Hefferan never really felt comfortable at school, and believed his peers weren’t on the same page as him either as an individual or artistically, and despite him obviously showing a deal of talent in the latter arena, this wasn’t picked up on or encouraged by his school per se. That’s with the one exception of an extraordinary art teacher who remains anonymous yet who did afford Hefferan the level of support he craved and believed in his potential to become a professional artist. Keen to leave the secondary education system and surround himself with like-minded folk who appreciated the art of the Old Masters, Hefferan applied for – and got into – Padgate Art School in Warrington, where he studied between 1985 and 1989. Now surrounded by fellow art lovers and part of a stimulating environment which spurred on the freedom of thought and personal expression which had been wholeheartedly suppressed at secondary school, Hefferan excelled and felt creatively liberated for the first time. This truly expansive chapter in his formative years inspired Hefferan, and confirmed in is heart of hearts that he had chosen to pursue the right career, and with very much in mind opted to take his higher education still further to ensure that he put himself in the best position to achieve this ultimate goal.

So between 1989 – 1990 Hefferan worked towards gaining his BA (Hons) degree in Illustration as offered by the University of Salford in nearby Manchester. But then this scenario didn’t furnish Hefferan’s mind or nurture his boundless creativity in the same fashion as the previous course had, so a year into it Hefferan arrived at the decision to prematurely terminate it and go it alone so to speak. A brave or foolish decision, only time would tell, but Hefferan wasted not a minute of it as he compiled a portfolio he hoped would open commercial doors to him in the foreseeable future. 12 months down the line and he was where he wanted to be in terms of being able to present his illustrative work to prospective employees or clients. Opting to go down the freelance route as a designer/illustrator, Hefferan’s work soon captured the attentions of a number of high profile corporate clients; amongst which were BMW, Sony, VW and British Airways. Add into the mix the provision of art work for children’s book titles and a range of greetings cards and you soon begin to realise that Hefferan was finally receiving the acknowledgment and gratification that his talents richly deserved.

But there’s fulfilment and rewards, and then there’s self-fulfilment, and truly being happy in what you do, and still Hefferan felt that there was something lacking. Having throughout this commercially successful episode min his life and times painted for pleasure, away from the brightly lit corporate lights, Hefferan still yearned for the artistic freedom he experienced back at Padgate Art School, when he was pretty much free to create precisely what he wanted. So in the early 2000s he put in place the components required to follow his dreams, and approached local galleries with a view to them exhibiting his back catalogue of personal illustrations.

In 2003 Hefferan’s own artwork was showcased for the very first time anywhere, and was met with critical acclaim. Invited to exhibit at that year’s Spring Fair in Birmingham – the artistic Launchpad for many an aspiring painter – Hefferan’s work sold out within the opening 30 minutes, and that essentially set in motion a series and pattern of events from which he’s never needed to look back from. Hefferan’s work is today in much demand and sold globally to art collectors and private individuals who appreciate his unique style. Hefferan’s influences predominantly emerge from the Pre-Raphaelite era and movement, while the Manchester Art Gallery provides a rich source of perpetual inspiration to his creative cause.

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