Richard Rowan

Perfect Display by Richard Rowan
Fire Flies by Richard Rowan
Epiphany From Above by Richard Rowan
Emotional Gathering by Richard Rowan
Awakenings by Richard Rowan
Night Glows by Richard Rowan
Nature Awakens by Richard Rowan
Borealis Blue by Richard Rowan
Enchantment by Richard Rowan
Lose Yourself by Richard Rowan
Infinite by Richard Rowan
Nature's Rest by Richard Rowan
The Big Blue by Richard Rowan
Unchartered Waters by Richard Rowan
You’re more than likely to have heard a lot about critically acclaimed contemporary landscape artist, Richard Rowan on account of his somewhat unconventional method of reverse painting, as the technique has been dubbed by the hugely popular artist himself. Literally, applying the oils back to front on a glass surface. As if one of those revelations wasn’t challenging enough, the unique combination of the two makes Rowan’s artistic life all the more difficult a one from the outset. But then Rowan likes to test himself and arrive at his intended destination by taking the more scenic route let’s say. Take his career digression into motorsport as a point in question, where he spent five years cris-crossing the globe – and forging a rewarding career for himself in the process – before realising, many Air Miles later, that his future lay more in artistic expression than auto-motion (more of which after the gap).

However, and as for many of us, the best laid plans very rarely go, well, according to our original plans, and Rowan’s temporarily suspended masterplan was no different in that sense. Having emerged from a design and fine art background – and completing his vocational artistic training – Rowan struggled to make an impact in the world of contemporary art. So instead he opted to take the tried and tested route that so many artists before had chosen to take, and pursued a motorsport career. Embracing the fast-paced lifestyles of both World Rally Championships and Formula One during a five year stint, Rowan’s work afforded him the opportunity to travel extensively. Yet throughout this time his sketchbook was never far from hand as he sought to visually commemorate all that was around him and which acted as his familiar vistas and props at this time in his life. Essentially this amounted to sketches of cars and motorsport-esque scenery, yet alongside this he’d also commit landscapes and skies to paper as well.

On rare visits back home to Northamptonshire, Rowan would manage to find the time to present his back catalogue to local art galleries, who found homes for a steady succession; and on the back of which came a welcome stream of commissioned work. Inevitably the constant living life out of a suitcase took its toll on Rowan and he arrived at the decision to quit his 9 – 5. Or rather around the clock/globe role. Such was the interest generated in his compositions he fervently believed that he could make a go of it as a professional fine artist and set about defining his style and art direction and building on his fledgling reputation. That style which has since developed and evolved to become his illustrative hallmark as such was centered around sweeping skies and visually arresting landscapes. And of course, the interpretation and graphical representation of this on a predominantly, reverse propositioned glass surface area.

Describing the painstakingly laborious process as often being so elaborate and maddening that it; “Can make you want to tear your hair out”, Rowan also concludes this declaration by adding that it (painting on glass); “Is also satisfying at the same time”. He speaks openly about striving to better each composition with each one that follows, always pushing the boundaries of what he believes to be achievable, hoping that once he finishes each piece viewers will be suitably drawn in and seemingly lost in his admittedly breath-taking work.

Rowan’s reference material remains sourced from near and far, with many of his back catalogue of sketchbook recording – along with digital images – are his constant visual companion and start-point for new compositions which will see the light of day once he returns to his studio. Indeed, panoramas have previously come courtesy of everywhere geographical from the Lake District to Hanoi, and these initial images serve as the perfect creative conduit between the original place of origin and the glass surface on which he’s today manifesting his powerful, evocative and unreservedly unique visual offerings.

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