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Summer Tableaux by Mark Rowbotham
A Summers Romance I by Mark Rowbotham
A Summers Romance II by Mark Rowbotham
Beach I by Mark Rowbotham
Beach II by Mark Rowbotham
Summer Idyll I by Mark Rowbotham
Summer Idyll II by Mark Rowbotham
The Invitation by Mark Rowbotham
The Letter by Mark Rowbotham
Elegance by Mark Rowbotham
Celebration by Mark Rowbotham
Beaches, garden parties, posh race meets, society events and gatherings, et al are all Mark Rowbotham illustrative territory; and normally captured in all their glory amid a gloriously summer backdrop. But then being accomplished fine artist, Sherree Valentine-Daines’ other half, regular exposure to the grander pictorial scenes in their painted lives was always going to be on the cards. Figurative and landscape are the genres for which Rowbotham, like his wife, is best known for in contemporary art circles and beyond, and his deft use of hues and saturations, weight and balance for his chosen form is as compositionally exquisite as it is picture perfect.

Born of Yorkshire parentage in 1959, Rowbotham came into the world in Sarawak, Borneo – as far away from Yorkshire as geographically possible. By the time his family returned to their native England at some undisclosed point in Rowbotham’s childhood, the youngster was already showing a keen interest in art; and displaying a particular gift for painting from a relatively early age. Indeed, by the age of just 8 years Rowbotham already had the National Children Painting Competition award under his belt and looked set to further himself in art as part of his higher education. Which he did in due course, going on to study Fine Art at Epsom Art College in Surrey for four years once Rowbotham had completed his secondary education.

However Rowbotham eventually chose to diversify his creative talents and education next, as he went on study Landscape Design at Agricultural College for an additional 2 years to afford himself a broad grounding in design per se many would concur. Yet there was method in Rowbotham’s perceived madness, as he had plans to enter his family’s landscape gardening business, which he’d long harboured ambitions of doing, as he saw his painting as more of an extra-curricular passion rather than something he could potentially carve a career out of. Over the next chapter of his life though, and despite obviously giving the landscaping business his full and undivided attentions, Rowbotham immersed himself more and more in his art in his spare time; and sought to create many compositions which although crafted for pleasure first and foremost, caught the attentions of fine art aficionados.

In recent years – and as a direct result of his art having taken off on a more commercial scale, more than Rowbotham had perhaps anticipated from the outset – he’s had to leave the world of landscape gardening/design behind and dedicate himself to his painting on a full time basis. Originating his visual works in an array of alternate media and proportions, Rowbotham’s art has been noted by fans and seasoned critics alike for its innate sense of draughtsmanship and sensually considered application of both tone and colour. Comparisons have been drawn with the style and presentation values of Degas and the Impressionist movement, whom Rowbotham is clearly flattered by as he cites them equally as artistic inspirations.

Going back to Rowbotham’s preferred mediums and materials though, and latterly it’s been widely observed that he’s moving away from his habitually welcome pastels and edging toward an almost exclusive oil administration, whilst his choice of subject matter is also said to be showing signs of going through something of a renaissance. Either way, you can be safe in the knowledge that Rowbotham’s signature use of heavy textures and deep, opulent colour palettes will never alter dramatically one way or another as he approaches the next phase of his life as a professional artist.

Represented by one of the UK’s leading fine art publishers, DeMontford Fine Arts, Rowbotham has enjoyed much commercial success since collaborating with them in the procurement of limited edition prints which have effectively introduced Rowbotham’s work to an ever expansive audience. Today Rowbotham’s a regular exhibitor at London’s prestigious Mall Galleries and has witnessed enormous success on not just the home front but on the international fine art scene too. He even boasts his own celebrity collectors, including the likes of politician and author, Jeffrey Archer and TV presenter, Bamber Gascgoine.

Awards-wise, and in 1993 Rowbotham was handed the coveted Patterson Award presented by the Royal Pastel Society (of which he has since gone on to become a member of), as well as having been invited to join the prestigious Royal Water-Colour Society and the Royal Oil Institute. Elsewhere and Rowbotham’s individual works and collections have proved so successful and well received amongst his industry peers that he’s also been invited to assume membership with the following well-respected bodies and organisations; including the New English Art Club, Royal Watercolour Society and Royal Society For Painters In Watercolour, Royal Society Of British Artists, Royal Portrait Society (Award Winner), Royal Society Of British Artists and the Royal Institute Of Oil Painters.

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