Linda Charles

Killer Queen by Linda Charles
Get Rich Or Die Trying by Linda Charles
Fashion Jungle I by Linda Charles
Gay Girl by Linda Charles
Natural Aspect II by Linda Charles
Aspects Of Blue by Linda Charles
In Vogue by Linda Charles
Something Blue by Linda Charles
Linda describes herself as a “contextual” painter, who views each composition as part of a whole imagined interior landscape. She is a firm believer in the connection between colour and mood, and her positive personality leads to her select a vivid and uplifting range of hues. Linda’s background in fashion and textile design has had a profound effect on her work, with texture playing a vital part in the finished image. Each piece is carefully built up layer by layer using acrylics offset by gold leaf, which lends a spectacular intensity to the finished image.

Leading the way in contemporary mixed-media work, Linda has quickly built up a huge following and is certain to become one of the UK’s most collectable contemporary artists. Many of her paintings are now in private collections throughout the UK and she also has a huge following in the States.

“I don’t like to be too dominant when it comes to the use of materials; I want the colour and images to work together, making them open to interpretation, yet always familiar.”

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