John Lowrie Morrison

An Ellenabeich Gloaming by John Lowrie Morrison
Blooms In A Shaving Mug by John Lowrie Morrison
Mixed Tulips With White Daisies by John Lowrie Morrison
Summer  - Iona by John Lowrie Morrison
Ebbing Tide - Iona by John Lowrie Morrison
Monks Strand - Iona by John Lowrie Morrison
Tug On The Crinan Canal by John Lowrie Morrison
Evening Light Carsaig by John Lowrie Morrison
Crofts At Aros Bridge Isle Of Mull by John Lowrie Morrison
Ben Talla, Isle of Mull by John Lowrie Morrison
Croft on the Machair, South Uist by John Lowrie Morrison
Summer Light at Blackrock Islay by John Lowrie Morrison
Croft and Boat, North Uist by John Lowrie Morrison
Washing Line Back of Arinagour, Isle of Coll by John Lowrie Morrison
John Lowrie Morrison was born in Glasgow in 1948, and from an early age he showed a talent for art. After completing a degree in Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art he set out to pursue a career in art and design; he funded his painting by teaching, firstly as Head of Art and Design at Lochgilphead High School and then as Art Adviser for the Strathclyde Region. During this formative period John travelled extensively around Europe with his family and it was here that he began to develop the distinctive style which has brought him so much success.

Influenced by the work of the Expressionist School, John steadfastly upholds Joan Eardley’s dictum that ‘Painting is like breathing - you have to do it’. Working in oil on paper or canvas, his vigorous application of paint in carefree, seemingly random strokes breaths life into his work, which contrasts the rugged scenery of the Scottish Highlands with the more prosaic human elements of crofts, inlets and villages. His bold use of colour adds an energy and intensity to each image which persuades us not simply to view the landscape, but rather to experience it.

John now devotes himself to painting full time, and has held a number of successful exhibitions both in the UK and as far afield as Hong Kong and New York; his images can now be found in many prestigious private and corporate collections throughout the world. He is well known for his charity work and his paintings have become famous with the stars; Madonna has six in her collection and Sting has recently purchased two.

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