John Holt

Shimmering Light I by John Holt
Cafe Des Arts by John Holt
Nice, Cote D'Azur by John Holt
Sunflowers, Simaine by John Holt
Sunflowers Le Revest-Les-Eaux by John Holt
Cetalu, Greece by John Holt
Poppies At Lourmarin Provence by John Holt
View Of Mento (Poppies) by John Holt
Vallee Du Rhone by John Holt
Trigance (Provence) by John Holt
Sunflowers Provence by John Holt
Shimmering Light II by John Holt
Portofino (Italy) by John Holt
Poppies & Vines Provence by John Holt
John was born near Manchester in 1949. After leaving school he attended Stockport College of Art to study advertising and graphic design. Having completed the final year of his degree at Salford College of Art, John was awarded the prestigious Bursary Award from the highly acclaimed Royal Society of Arts.

After graduating in 1973 John embarked upon a career in advertising. Working as an art director he designed and illustrated books for the European market. It was during this time that he became increasingly inspired by Spanish and French post-impressionist painters. His love of fine art grew as he visited local and national art exhibitions and he discovered a great affection for the
Fauvist masters, Matisse and Braque.

John has had numerous group and one-man exhibitions both in the UK and abroad. He has gained an enviable reputation for his dazzling Provencal landscapes, café scenes, hill towns and harbour reflections. He deliberately exaggerates the strong sunlight and deep shadows in his studies to evoke the warmth of the Mediterranean. Bright oranges, yellows and luminous greens vie with bluish mauves and maroon tinged purples in his pastel works with an even stronger glow from John’s oil paintings.

While John’s impressionistic style and use of colour has great exuberance the subject matter is nothing if not laid back! His work has been welcomed into the market with great enthusiasm. The phenomenal demand for his original pastels and oils has resulted in an extensive publishing programme of his superb limited edition prints and dazzling original silk-screens. He has also been recognised by the industry; he was nominated as Best Up-and-Coming Artist in both 1999 and 2000 by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

“I have worked at giving my paintings a very special warmth of their own. As well as being evocations of particular places, my work is related to abstract ideas, executed in slabs of rich colour and texture.”

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