Jen Allen

Silent Guardian by Jen Allen
Ace Of Knaves by Jen Allen
The IT Girl by Jen Allen
The Showgirl by Jen Allen
White Stripes by Jen Allen
Lion King by Jen Allen
Narnia by Jen Allen
Rocky by Jen Allen
Cited as being the ‘one to watch’ in 2014 and beyond, there’s no arguing that talked-up new contemporary figurative and wildlife artist, Jen Allen isn’t a precocious creative talent, positively bursting at the seams with one creative release after another. Clearly fascinated with the world of entertainment – be it film, TV, popular music or much more besides – Allen has already compiled an enviable back catalogue of monochrome portfolio work in this specific arena which has caused quite the stir in contemporary figurative circles and further afield. Eclecticism and spontaneity appear to be the keys to her successes, backed by foundations constructed on an immense gift for putting detail, detail and detail at the core of her illustrative forays.

Cementing in black and white such famous, indeed, iconic names as Bono, Twiggy, The Beatles, Audrey Hepburn, Christopher Lee, Amy Winehouse and Laurel and Hardy, Allen lurches from the ridiculous to the cor blimey in terms of her chosen subject matters, and then proceeds to create their very existence in front of a live studio audience as such. Dubbing herself a ‘performance painter’, Allen regularly conducts her creative self in the proximity of fans and contemporary art lovers per se, all keen to observe the widely-regarded fine artist in the heat of compositional battle.

Championing the immediacy of artistic creation and the spontaneity which arises when working at speed and watching materials dry and then, effectively being beyond the point of revision fires Allen’s imagination still further, and has been known to fast-forward the publicly observed process even more by introducing a hair-dryer to proceedings. Allen also regularly performs to musical accompaniment, although not we’re told like a belly dancer; more in terms of her compositional arrangements and as perpetual inspiration. This showmanship element of Allen’s art is routinely witnessed in the public domain as we hinted, typically in galleries, theatres and associated venues which allow for people to gather in numbers to view an unfolding spectacle.

In a more recent departure from her tried and tested figurative formula, Allen has branched her black and white are out into the realms of wildlife; and hasn’t just stopped at the subject matter either, as there’s evidence in her most recent tiger-themed paintings of a m ore extensive palette of colourations having being adopted. And long may this continue. Already amounting a huge following both here in the UK and further afield for her iconic portrayals of famous folk, we can only imagine this impressive quota will be upped again now that she’s entered another genre in which she can clearly excel. As they say, watch this space.

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