Shimmering Rose by Inam
Radiant Gold by Inam
Season Of Gold by Inam
Season Of Shadow by Inam
Season Of Light by Inam
Season Of Mists by Inam
Winter Wonder by Inam
Vibrant Shades by Inam
Spring Light by Inam
Summer Warmth by Inam
Autumn Moment by Inam
Woodland Whispers by Inam
Autumn Adventure by Inam
Summer Quest by Inam
Thereís no doubting that Karachi-born artist, Inam sees clearly defined parallels between art and nature, and the strength and beauty of both forms prey heavy on his mind as he approaches his mesmerising landscapes.
Landscapes held captive by an infusion of trees as far as the naked eye can see, all topped off with exuberantly coloured leaves and manipulated by light and texture that gives the art an almost 3-dimesional, living, breathing aspect.

Inam has taken classic woodland and forest scenes, which could be anytime, anywhere and have been with us from an artistic perspective from year dot, and re-evaluates their relationship with the art world. To many, landscape art is pretty circumstantial, in as much as you paint what you see, albeit with a little creative license. Yet Inam has questioned the use of colouration in such timeless scenes, and afforded one of the most traditional of scenes with a contemporary shot in the arm. Fluid, vividly coloured primary hues and saturations run positively amok, in an exaggerated variation on a previously un-fettled theme, and to exceptional effect.

Forest shrouded in mist and silver birches glowing in the moonlight transport the viewer to another place, far from the maddening crowd. Inamís intoxicating evocative administering of oils on canvas, the blending of native colours and textures to within an inch of their existence collide in perfect artistic harmony and show the humble silver birch, native of our shores and hitherto, forgettable, to be a horned beast of a tree; a giant of the underworld and a natural captivator of men. ĎAtmosphericí doesnít come close. Other worldly best captures the essence of Inamís studies.

Inspired by the drive of his primary school art teacher, who was instrumental in Inam choosing his creative path and schooled him in essential sketching and paintwork at an early age, Inam then took it upon himself to further his artistic education at art schools in London, Istanbul and Atlanta, Georgia as he began shaping his professional future. Taking in the eclectic sights and sounds of these vastly different cities, Inam launched his professional art career in 2001, and is now based in America; where he has exhibited in Las Vegas, Atlanta, North Carolina as well as in his home city of Karachi and London to date. His work has hung in mansions, boardroom, and charity headquarters and even on super yachts, on fulfilling a range of commissions.

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