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An Educated Guess by Gabe Leonard
Point Instance by Gabe Leonard
It Takes More Than Talent by Gabe Leonard
Corner Pocket by Gabe Leonard
The Professional by Gabe Leonard
Based and working out of LA, California, Gabe Leonard couldn’t be further removed from his original comfort zone in life; and the almost alien landscape from where he now finds himself. Born in the mountain state of Wyoming – and arriving at Venice Beach via Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio in 1998 – much trumpeted and hugely exciting new-ish contemporary figurative artist, Leonard classes himself as an illustrator first and foremost. Whilst the rest of the art-loving society refer to him as a cinematographic artist; which naturally sounds a lot grander. Whatever way you look at Leonard (and to be perfectly honest he looks more like a member of a rock band than an artist, with his long beard and hair combo), his list of genre specifics are way more expansive than first thought. Like for example, animals, caricatures, landscapes, sci-fi and fantasy, photo-realistic and advertising, whilst his recent client list reads as an equally eclectic bunch of product and service providers. For the record they include folk such as New Jersey Monthly, Neptune Salad Entertainment, First Role Productions and Bus Boys.

Picking up on the whole ‘animals’ aspect of Leonard’s work as mentioned above, it was nature which served as the budding artist’s first creative love back in the comparative wilds of Wyoming as a youngster, whereby he’d graphically document the existence and illustrative movements of all that he observed around him growing up in one of Mother Nature’s most splendiferous playgrounds. On the back of these sketches he’d then earn himself a pretty dollar or three by flogging his rudimentary pictorials to his school chums and any other interested parties privy to his fledgling work at that time.
When he’s not being described as a cinematographical artist (or variations on this theme), Leonard draws comparisons with – in terms of the creative verve and evocative portrayal of his own specific brand of emotive art – both Johnny Cash and Quentin Tarantino. We’d settle for either of course. Speaking of the one-time enfant terrible of film, and Tarantino is listed amongst an ever-burgeoning group of Hollywood glitterati including fellow thespians, John Travolta, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eli Broad; the latter of whom was painted by Leonard as part of a commission from C-Suite Quarterly, going on to appear on the cover of said periodical.

Addressing Leonard’s style and deportment of his chosen figurative genre in which he’s since gone on to forge and establish his reputation, and there’s a distinct sense of Expressionism present, yet for all that he sources his inspiration for the most part from an eclectic mix of household name artists, representative of a cross-section of movements; counting Rembrandt, Mucha, Schiele and Klimt as chief among his influences. This strong European tradition of art almost lies at odds with the subject matter and compositional approach and values he applies to his own works in one sense when bearing in relative mind the intensely cinematic and proficiently-lighted compositional frameworks in which he crafts. Leonard’s preferred oils are heavy and moody in depth and filter, while his scenes more often than not indulge outlaws, rugged noir characters and antagonistic and confrontational male leads, all of which point to narratives rammed with room for dramatic potential.

In the aftermath of a string of sell-out exhibitions – not to mention his acquiring of an impressive and lucrative celebrity fan base – Leonard has in recent times risen sharply to become recognised as one of the most in-demand artisans in the world, with each and every new release met with the same level of excited anticipation.

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