David Shepherd

Tsavo Rhino by David Shepherd
Cheetah Family - In The Serengeti by David Shepherd
Portfolio Set I & II (Set of 4) by David Shepherd
Serengeti Friends by David Shepherd
Water Vole by David Shepherd
Portfolio Set II - Pandas & Tigers (Set of 2) by David Shepherd
Wildlife Of The World Portfolio (Set of 8) by David Shepherd
The Gentle Giant by David Shepherd
Tiger In The Snow by David Shepherd
Whisky The Farmyard Cat by David Shepherd
Happy Time - Elephants by David Shepherd
In The Mists Of Rwanda - Gorilla by David Shepherd
When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Cart Horse (Cameo) by David Shepherd
Eggs Sixpence A Dozen by David Shepherd
David Shepherd's early career was, to quote his own words, 'a series of disasters.' After failing to be a game warden in Africa, he turned to his second choice, painting - and was promptly turned down as 'not worth training' by the first art school that he tried to enter. They said he had 'no talent'.
David owes all his subsequent success to the man who trained him, Robin Goodwin, also to the Royal Air Force who flew him all over the world in order to paint aircraft pictures for them and also commissioned his very first elephant painting.

Now he is regarded by many as being one of the world's leading wildlife and landscape artists but also, because of the enormous debt that he says he owes to wildlife for what it has done for him, he is known internationally as a leading conservationist. His paintings have raised over two and a half million pounds for this cause through The David Shepherd Conservation Foundation.

David has been awarded The Order of the Golden Ask by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands as well as the Order of The British Empire for his services to conservation. He has been made a Member of Honour of the World Wide Fund for Nature and has also been awarded an Hon. Doctorate of Fine Arts by Pratt Institute in New York. David has been featured in a BBC documentary of his life, has made a series of six wildlife films for ITV and others and has been the 'target' for 'This is Your Life'. He has written six books, covering all aspects of his life, including wildlife and steam railways.

David is also Chairman and Founder of the East Somerset Railway, a registered charity raising money for our steam railway heritage and wildlife.

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