Colin Brown

Grand Canal by Colin Brown
Crossing the Thames by Colin Brown
Bright Lights of NYC by Colin Brown
Coffee with a view by Colin Brown
Driving to Mexico by Colin Brown
Evening In London by Colin Brown
Crossing the Hudson by Colin Brown
Colin Brown has recently taken the leap into the world of fine art following an extensive career as an artist- illustrator. Spanning well over two decades, his career has seen Colin produce work for the likes of Hasbro, illustrating Transformer packaging, Corgi Toys, Mattel, Barbie, Saga, Cuprinol, Kraft, Burtons Biscuits, St Ivel, Castrol Marine and The Guinness Book of World Records.

As a young man, he completed a four-year course at Canterbury College of Art, and now focuses mainly on producing one subject, that being ‘streets of the world’. His industriousness and ability to evoke a sense of atmosphere through his loose style, is often influenced by Impressionists and Fauvism. He loves to paint in a way that feels free and loose, not being constrained by detail- he concentrates on the light as being the most crucial element within the painting, only adding detail to knit the scene together when needed.

Having been a Visualiser in the past, as well as an Illustrator, it is this technique that he derives a lot of his style today. One of his biggest inspirations is Monet and the way he used single strokes of applied colour; he loves the sense of movement that bold strokes created.

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