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Swings & Roundabouts by Bob Barker
What Tomorrow May Bring by Bob Barker
Run Of The Mill by Bob Barker
Thunder In My Heart by Bob Barker
Spread A Little Happiness by Bob Barker
Oh What A Night by Bob Barker
Time Stands Still by Bob Barker
Back Street Boy by Bob Barker
As The Day Begins by Bob Barker
After The Day Is Done by Bob Barker
The Lamplighter by Bob Barker
Together Together by Bob Barker
Sweethearts by Bob Barker
After All This Time by Bob Barker
Remember those classic old movies that you canít recall the names of? Usually filmed in black and white and much loved by your parents or grandparents? And how thereís one small facet that suddenly springs to mind and brings it all back; often the tiniest of detail that usually wasnít crucial to the plotline. Well, contemporary artist, Bob Barkerís oil paintings instigate similar feelings, as the mystique his evocative and emotional pieces emit is a rarity matched only by those fleeting of thought, singular details; such as a crimson coloured umbrella, the flash of light coming from a nearby window or the vibrancy of colour on a childís clothes in the middle ground. Unique, unreservedly nostalgic, powerful and emotive, Barkerís trademark paintings are all of the above and more. The artist creates whatís referred to as a de-saturated surround, and then places a fixation point in the centre of the study, to detract your attention away from the perceived gloom and doom. Itís also about selecting memories and juxtapositioning emotions in relation to the one frame.

Yorkshire-born and raised contemporary artist, Barker didnít show any interest in or aptitude toward art in any way, shape or form until in 1966, aged 12, he received an oil painting set as a Christmas present. From that point onwards there was no looking back, as Barker Ė describing his set as ďone of the best presents he ever receivedĒ Ė experimented with his oils, brushes and hardboard surface to distraction. Having said that, itís only in relative recent history that Barker can truthfully admit to now having a career as an artist as such, despite it always being a background love.

Thatís because life often dictates a more practical means to an end, whether we like it or not, and in Barkerís case along came marital bliss, fatherhood and mortgages; which of course nine times out of ten puts pay to flights of fancy and requires a more structured and secure approach to the crucial years in our lives. Plus Barker had to commit all of his energies and funds into his multimedia business this past couple of decades, which successes have resulted in worldwide travel for filming, production and in latter year, lecturing of video and production techniques to students. Barker never gave up on his painting though, and finally had the opportunity to realise his dream of immersing himself in his fine art work on a full-time, professional basis after his daughter-in-law stepped in and took control of the business heíd built up.

This freed up Barkerís time to indulge his creative passion and see if it was possible to make a go of it in an artistic field. This wasnít a fresh idea to Barker however, as years earlier as a youngster heíd spent some time in Cornwall where he met with the acquaintance of two artists native to the West Country who back then afforded Barker a glimpse of what might be. Paying particular attention to the way in which they painted as well as having long conversations with Keith English and Tom Gower, a young, impressionable Barker never lost hope of one day attempting to pursue this dream.

Fast-forward some quarter of a century and one of those fateful junctures that you read about played out in Barkerís life. Despite having sold paintings to galleries within his locality since 2000, alongside of his brother, Colinís enterprising idea of sending Barkerís CD (with his artwork uploaded onto) to multiple fine art publishers, his artistic career as such hadnít yet materialised. That was until he attended and exhibited at Birminghamís Autumn Fair where he was introduced to Glyn Washington of Washington Green, which finally granted Barker the exposure his work so richly deserved and had been crying out for, and ultimately ensuring that his work was to be seen by a far greater audience than ever before.

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