April Shepherd

Dog Days by April Shepherd
Great Expectations by April Shepherd
Ever Hopeful by April Shepherd
On Guard by April Shepherd
Paying Attention by April Shepherd
Raring To Go by April Shepherd
Keeping Watch by April Shepherd
Sprucing Up by April Shepherd
Double Take by April Shepherd
Backward Glance by April Shepherd
Spirit (Cold Cast Porcelain) by April Shepherd
Liberty (Cold Cast Porcelain) by April Shepherd
Courage (Cold Cast Porcelain) by April Shepherd
Through her majestic pieces, respected contemporary British sculpture artist, April Shepherd seeks to explore the concept of weightlessness; in relation to her favoured subject matter of horses. Choosing to scrutinise and develop this through the illustrative expression of extreme and spontaneous movement, Shepherd fervently believes that even a heavyweight, muscular creature such as the equine variety can both question and ultimately defy the notion that it’s intrinsically an earthbound beast. Employing a gamut of differing medias to perpetuate her theory and put it into graphic practice, Shepherd’s smoke-fired horses entrust the adoption of clay, bronze and resin to fulfil their creative duties. Again, working almost entirely with armatures ensures that Shepherd remains in full control of the evolving study as it begins to take shape, and through fluid yet definitive mark making, the in-demand sculpture artist works vigorously to pull out the necessitatedfuture shape.

Now a firmly established sculptor living and working in the UK, Shepherd’s relationship with her subject and actual art is versed in sensitivity at every turn, however could never be accused of being overly sentimental. To this end, Shepherd’s animal creations have gained her a huge and dedicated following, coupled with the receipt of broad and critical acclaim from those who appreciate the engineering of what can best be described as highly expressive work which focuses innately on movement and the subject matter’s on-going relationship with its immediate, yet unswervingly natural, environ. Add into the heady mix, Shepherd’s commitment to her passion for literature, mythology and folklore, and the finished article is, as you can doubtless imagine, enriched by the infusion of these concepts within its form and function.

Elaborating on the very physical process, Shepherd is best placed to determine how she achieves the desired effect by stressing that; “The surface of the work is inspired by the effect that smoke firing creates. As smoke licks around a form it leaves a resinous variegation.” Before going on to add; “These marks coalesce into a dramatic and naturally derived canvas, tracing a permanent record of the fire. The Perspex in the mount allows the work to further defy gravity, imbuing the forms with life affirming energy”.

Shepherd’s series of life-sized bronze figures were produced in response to one of her many corporate commissions, and in that particular instance to Morgan Stanley, whilst her body of work is housed in private collections globally. What’s more, Shepherd’s work has enjoyed showcassings both in a solo artist capacity and as part of mixed exhibitions at venues far and wide, and including the prestigious Royal Academy in London. In addition to this monumental achievement, Shepherd’s sculptures were recently selected for display at the British Embassy in India.

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