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Reflections & Ripples Study 4 by Alex Echo
Reflections & Ripples Study 1 by Alex Echo
Elemental Source Study 4 by Alex Echo
Elemental Source Study 2 by Alex Echo
Wing Commander by Alex Echo
Apple Blossom by Alex Echo
Spring Abstracted by Alex Echo
Autumn Abstracted by Alex Echo
Into The Night by Alex Echo
Atlantic Watch by Alex Echo
Pow! by Alex Echo
Pop! by Alex Echo
Bang! by Alex Echo
Clouds On Thames by Alex Echo
Alex Echo sounds like a superhero’s alter ego. You know, the unassuming chap with the seemingly ordinary, uneventful life by day, who transforms into a planet-saving superhero dude by night. Well in some ways it’s true. OK, he doesn’t wear a cape, but what Echo does do is his bit to save the earth for future generations to enjoy and prosper in. and he does this courtesy of his ecological and environmental appreciation and awareness and contributing in the arena of art by using non-toxic resins, only the highest standard water-based paints and by recycling all his left-over paint that spills off the sides of his canvases, which he dries and stores for latter compositions. As a certain British supermarket goes to lengths to stress, ‘every little helps’.

Speaking of Britain and Britishness, Echo is a proud Anglophile, albeit an adopted one hailing from the US of A, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado as it happens, who opted to up sticks and put down new roots here in Blighty instead, on a West Sussex farm, to give his young daughter a better start in life and because he simply fell in love with our island nation and it’s green, green grass of home hook, line and sinker. Echo is, in case anyone requires further introduction a leading contemporary artist who’s done what he’s done now for 35 years and whosework hangs from the homes of celebrated folk in the public eye, past and present like Robert Downey Jnr, Oprah Winfrey, Jimmy Carter and Prince Rainer of Monaco. i.e., VIPs in their own right. Not to mention countless less household names far and wide, both in private and corporate collections.

Echo is also responsible for raising significant funds (in excess of £300k apparently) for a number of charitable organisations across the globe, including Elton John’s Aids Foundation, Teenage Cancer Trust, Nordoff Robins and the Princes Trust, as well as auctioning 10 of his seminal works, the proceeds of such went to victims of the Chinese earthquake. In addition to this, Echo has new collaborations in the pipeline to help raise funds and greater awareness for UNICEF, United Nations and the World Food Program.

Influences in the art world are derived from most of the main movements of the last couple of centuries, including the Pre-Raphaelites, Impressionism, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, while Echo’s artwork tends to focus primarily on the natural world and the sky, something which he sees in abundance in West Sussex and on his English travels. In fact, it’s fair to suggest that Echo’s artwork is a paradigm to nature, each one composed beautifully, concentrating on the natural world, especially flowers and plant life on closer scrutiny, with many interchanges with the sky and sunlight, water and landfall in other visual instances.

Echo himself speaks of his back catalogue of art being rungs on a ladder; “….from which this artist climbs onto the shoulders of previous artists in a perpetual desire to see further”. In Echo’s own words; “Never have I created a 'single' work of art. Instead, each new piece is an experiment in aesthetic engineering. With every new work I attempt to construct a bridge to a new idea. Living in today's high-speed and compressed world, with headlines and sound-bites as news, and with the entire world's history at my finger tips on the internet, as an artist I cannot help but react to this compression with equal compression”.

There’s no denying that layering and texturing play key roles in Echo’s hallmark illustrative examples, and the stacking of information and language, whereby he places image upon image, or shoehorns ten pages of text content onto the single page, or at least the visual interpretation of this theory while all the time championing the application of collage along with his paints, as well as ink and glue. Echo concludes by stressing; “When the words of Albert Einstein or Blaise Pascal are used, for instance, as the point of departure for one of my paintings - it is their words that direct and create the painting's final look. It is the author's pattern of thought that dictates the outcome of my painting. Thus my work is pure collaboration, be it with a writer from five minutes ago of five-thousand years ago”.

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