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You Are Fab! by Peter Smith

You Are Fab! by Peter Smith
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Peter Smith
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254 x 457 mm

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Despite the clue being in the name of this most recent visual offering by the 2016-returning Peter Smith, the much sought-after contemporary fine artist’s Impossimal creations haven’t just been enjoying the dairy delights of the uber ice of successive generations of ice-cream van-chasing kids if the graphical evidence observed in the foreground is anything to go by. Indeed not, as right there we clock both a melted Tongue Twister and half-eaten choc ice in all their equal saliva-prompting glories. And clearly the scene of a particularly sickly sweet crime.

Entitled ‘You Are Fab!’ this pictorially represents one fourth of the brand new quartet of giclee-based compositional pieces which bear the award-winning Smith’s in-demand name this season. Complete with Smith’s highly prized signature and a brace of Impossimals stealing the graphical show as always, it’s fair to say that we’re expecting something akin to a stampede on this latest Smith pictorial proposition now that it’s in the public’s domain. So don’t hesitate if you’re an interested party at this juncture to convey your intentions, otherwise you could risk missing out.  

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