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Yearning by Christine Comyn

Yearning by Christine Comyn
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Christine Comyn
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500 x 400 mm

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Lost loves, forbidden loves, broken promises, broken hearts, the ‘what ifs’ and ‘whatever’s’; all slipping, passing thoughts and notions that creep in and out of the young woman’s head as she continues to hold that metaphorical candle that the one who wasn’t to be, or perhaps the one that was, yet got away, fled unto the night and was no more.

Acclaimed contemporary figurative artist, Christine Comyn visually asks the question, and pictorially plants the seed that implies all of the above beliefs and thoughts, and all and everything that’s signposted, ‘Yearning’. Indeed, this is the meaningful title of the artist’s latest study, and captures the sublime essence of a young woman, her senses heightened, her heart pulled this way and that by the recent absence of something so hitherto strong and right.

Painted streaks of hair and traces of spontaneously administered white shaded paint, give way to the most photo-real of faces beneath, tortured and etched by guilt and longing. 

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