Wild Light by Chris & Steve Rocks

Wild Light by Chris & Steve Rocks
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Chris & Steve Rocks
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Board Only Price:
Hand Embellished Giclee
Artwork Type:
Board Only
Image Size:
660 x 660 mm

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Once more into the visual maelstrom we travel and onwards into the eye of the storm which is gathering momentum all around us hereabouts. Or rather in the sharp and contrasting focus of this spellbinding new hand embellished giclee which is sent with love from not one, but two highly acclaimed contemporary fine art exponents whose talents collide as fiercely as the meteorologically imposing subject matter found at the core of their latest compositional release. With visions such as this and the merest mention of a formidably creative duo, our thoughts instantly turn to who else but the Rock siblings, Chris and Steve, who we welcome back to their fold this season; and specifically in direct graphical relation to the twins’ brand new Spring 2016 hand embellished giclee here witnessed.

‘Wild Light’ sees the Rocks twins back with a seismic illustrative vengeance, characterised as ever courtesy of the depth of raw emotion and visual turmoil encapsulated within each and every brushstroke observed in this board only representation of what they do best. Restricted from the off to just 195 hand-signed iterations, this 26” x 26” study charts the rise and fall of a breaking storm at sea, and is bursting with the same enigmatic presence as anything we’ve seen previously from the Rocks’ stable. Which will ensure that the interest generated will be nothing if not brisk now that it’s reached the public domain. Contact us now to avoid missing the boat, so to speak. 

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