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Westminster Moods by Paul Kenton

Westminster Moods by Paul Kenton
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Paul Kenton
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Boxed Canvas Price:
Hand Embellished Canvas
Artwork Type:
Boxed Canvas
Image Size:
1270 x 762 mm

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There’s always this distinct visual sense of urgency in a hallmark Paul Kenton compositional piece, yet never at the expense of a calm and assured illustrative ambience. As sharply contrasting and graphically improbable as this might sound, the ever-absorbing and multi-talented contemporary urban landscape artisan always manages to strike the perfect pictorial balance between chaos and collectiveness. His very latest Spring 2015 unveil is no exception to this theory and practice, as ‘Westminster Moods’ echoes our sentiments in the literal word. Or rather, picture.

Striking a conceptual pose of a sun-setting Westminster scene, this limited edition, hand embellished artistic approximation (an original study went before) is nothing short of sensationally cemented into our psyche once our eyes are shut, such is its colourific provenance and sense of vibrant presence. The only shame of it is that a mere 150 – albeit individually-signed – copies will be made available from launch. Pre-orders are now being invited by the by. 

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