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We Kissed In The Rain by Jeff Rowland

We Kissed In The Rain by Jeff Rowland
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Jeff Rowland
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With Slip Price:
Giclee On Board
Artwork Type:
With Slip
Image Size:
787 x 673 mm

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An embracing couple, a decided autumnal haze, a nearby superficial light, the proliferation of damp conditions and an immovable silver screen-aping compositional object per se, all descriptively lend themselves to the pictorial onset of a certain someone’s (contemporary and cityscape of nature) brand new release. That hugely popular and best-selling artist we all know and love is of course, Jeff Rowland; who returns here and now with his very latest mini-series.

One of the picks of Rowland’s brand new illustrative pops is this gorgeously imagined, canvas on board-presented limited edition study, entitled ‘We Kissed in the Rain’. A magnificently graphic 31" x 26.5"-produced portrayal of a scene familiar to any long-term Rowland fan (or indeed, avid collector), this severely restricted (just 150 up for grabs this time of asking) is destined to sell out in quick smart time. So with this in mind, we’d urge all interested groups to contact us ASAP to all-but guarantee ownership before it’s too late.


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