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Warm and Glowing by Jeff Rowland

Warm and Glowing by Jeff Rowland
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Jeff Rowland
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With Slip Price:
Giclee On Board
Artwork Type:
With Slip
Image Size:
762 x 610 mm

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Whichever way you look at it there’s something infinitely timeless about this brand new Jeff Rowland composition, entitled, ‘Warm and Glowing’. But then, that’s hardly unchartered illustrative territory for an acclaimed and hugely popular contemporary figurative artist who’s made it his business for as long as we can recall crafting spellbindingly engaging and graphically enthralling visual snapshots which instantly transport viewers to a better time and place.

If art is indeed escapism, then Rowland habitually offers us all an immediate escape route with the unveiling of each new composition; and one which normally plants us in the middle of what appears to be a 1960s Hollywood film set. If so, ‘Warm and Glowing’ is the morning after the night before, and purports to imagine a couple making their journey homeward in this enlightening limited edition, giclee on board piece launched this Autumn 2014. And available to register your interest in as of now.

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