Walking The Dog by Grant Palmer

Walking The Dog by Grant Palmer
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Grant Palmer
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178 x 279 mm

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Described equally as ‘charming’ and ‘nostalgic’, the very latest autumn 2017 sculpted reveal by Grant Palmer is certainly yet another case of where these two words collide. The wonderfully evocative character pieces which the acclaimed contemporary sculpture artist is already well-known for (despite being a relatively new name to you at this juncture and in these here parts), have understandably ensured that the three-dimensional spotlight has justifiably fallen on him of late. And it’s hardly a surprise to see why, when visually confronted with these peerless limited edition iterations that offer a modern slant – and exude a gently humorous look at/on - day to day life and relationships. ‘Walking the Dog’ is a pose and subsequent study which anyone who owns a canine can instantly relate to, and whereby the single image speaks a thousand words all by its very existence. With just 295 hand-signed pieces up for grabs from the get-go, you’d be wise to make your buying intentions clear sooner rather than later if we were you.

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