Waiting in the Sky by Paul Normansell

Waiting in the Sky by Paul Normansell
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Paul Normansell
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Board Only
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483 x 660 mm

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On the 18th of January 2016 the world woke up to the tragic and shocking news that one of the pioneers of popular music, David Bowie had passed, a performers who had an enduring habit of reinventing himself as much as the musical genres which he journeyed through during his hugely successful recording career. To pictorially honour the man and his music, the artistically talented man of his times, Paul Normansell has chosen now to release this, his very latest giclee on board only illustrative homage, entitled ‘Waiting in the Sky’.

Visually featuring the compositional resemblance (in all the dotted glory which habitually marks out a typical Normansell masterpiece-in-the-making) of one of Bowie’s most iconic personalities, the evocative and enigmatic Ziggy Stardust, this 19” x 26” reveal is limited from the outset to just 195 editions this Spring; and on account of the projected rarity value of this study alone, we’d urge all interested parties to contact us ASAP so as not to miss out. 

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