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Undine by Kerry Darlington

Undine by Kerry Darlington
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Kerry Darlington
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Hand Embellished & Glossed
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711 x 1219 mm

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To the uninitiated, an ‘Undine’ is a water nymph; essentially mythological creatures which project beauty and of course are immortal. One of the only threats to a nymph's eternal happiness is if she falls in love with a mortal and bears his child. Then she will lose her gift of everlasting life. We’re not sure if Kerry Darlington’s resolutely illustrative take on ‘Undine’ adheres to this historical criteria, but what we do know is that the acclaimed contemporary fine artist’s latest 2014 release is up there amongst her best.
Presented as a hand embellished and glossed graphic entity, ‘Undine’ is hand signed by the hugely collectable artist, and hand signed by Darlington to add to the appeal of this already (potentially) much sought after new addition to her ‘Unique Editions’ collection, revealed as a portfolio in its own right now.

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