The View From Here (Limited Edition) by Dylan Izaak

The View From Here (Limited Edition) by Dylan Izaak
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Dylan Izaak
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One of the official artists chosen to capture the ambience and heart of the 2012 London Olympics, the illustratively revered Dylan Izaak revelled in the opportunity four years ago, seizing the once in a lifetime moment to turn his signature bright colour blocks and wonky icons to London’s skyline and events for 2012’s sporting phenomenon. From cyclists with balloon-like thighs streaming down The Mall in one picture to athletes from every discipline parading down a typical British street in another (Izaak at the time; “To be honest, a lot of it was corporate stuff, so it wasn’t available to the public as much as I wanted it to be”), the best-selling contemporary cityscape artist truly encapsulated the thoughts and tone of a nation then and there. Fast forward four years and in the Summer of 2016 – and to accompany his brand new ‘The View from Here’ portfolio – the much sought after Izaak returns with a special limited edition book to further commemorate his most recent illustrative achievements; whilst also affording fans a rare insight into how he puts compositional things together from the outset. A must have addition to any Izaak fan’s collection in our book…… 

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