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The Sun's in My Heart by Alexander Millar

The Sun's in My Heart by Alexander Millar
Limited Editions of 395 - individually signed by Alexander Millar
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229 x 305 mm

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Arm in arm, fending each other from the inclement weather overhead and all around, dodging the rain drops and puddles at their feet, their four-legged companion scampering alongside not quite so protected from the elements. This is without question pure Alexander Millar compositional country we’re waxing lyrical about, the Scottish-born contemporary figurative practitioner who quickly made his adoptive home the North East of England as a teenager, and on relocating became aware of the character which went on to become his illustrative calling card over the intervening years.

Indeed, it’s Millar’s beloved and graphically omnipresent gadgie who steals the pictorial show once again here, in the best-selling fine artist’s brand new Spring 2016 visual offering, entitled ‘The Sun in my Heart’. Presented at this time of asking in the guise of a limited edition giclee on paper number, this hand-signed realisation is now openly available to reserve/order with immediate effect from either the gallery or online, by contacting us directly via the usual means of correspondence. Only don’t delay, as Millar’s enduring popularity means that each and every new release sells out in record-breaking time. 

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