The Seeds of Love by Mackenzie Thorpe

The Seeds of Love by Mackenzie Thorpe
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Mackenzie Thorpe
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559 x 229 mm

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They perpetually remark that it’s the simpler things in life which count for the most, and to many ends make the biggest differences. And when poring over any one of Mackenzie Thorpe’s back catalogue of contemporary fine art sculptures, you suddenly concur with this notion and back it up to the hilt. The art of simplicity is definitely a market which the best-selling Thorpe has cornered throughout his hugely successful professional sculpture art career, and the recent reveal of his brand new limited piece is certainly going to do little to change this broadly-held perception. Entitled, ‘The Seeds of Love’ this 22” x 9” three-dimensional iteration focuses on one of the much sought after Thorpe’s familiar characters, seemingly carefree and excelling in a world all of their own; immersed in the joy of a blooming spring, for all graphic intents and illustrative purposes. Speak to us today to find out how you can land yourself one of the 295 examples up for grabs this season. 

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