The Picasso Gallery by John Wilson

The Picasso Gallery by John Wilson
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by John Wilson
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Wall Sculpture
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813 x 584 mm

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Perhaps not for the puritans out there (but who cares about them, anyway), but there’s something you simply can’t ignore if you’re a fan of Picasso’s work. Or if you have kids. Or have managed to combine the two things. Seriously, who’d have ever imagined that the cubist innovator and the younger members of a nuclear family would ever go together in such a fashion; aside from the (rewind) IMAGINATION of a certain John Wilson. Yeah, you remember him (the critically acclaimed contemporary abstract artist) from previous works such as ‘Steam Up, A Winter Scene, In the Spotlight’ and ‘Me and My Shadow’, surely??

Well, either way he’s back at the start of 2018, and with him he’s brought this stunning limited edition wall sculpture for all of our viewing pleasures. Entitled, ‘The Picasso Gallery’ this hand-signed, 150-only run composition ticks all the right Wilson boxes and could well be winging its way to a wall near you (i.e, within the confines of your own urban living space) before the first spring blooms are observed. Call us now for more details! 

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