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The One That Got Away by Alexander Millar

The One That Got Away by Alexander Millar
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229 x 305 mm

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The ecstasy and agony in microcosmic (and overtly illustrative) form and function when regaling an audience with the animated story of ‘The One That Got Away’; which will play out around a nearby dinner table later that day, as the intrepid explorers return home with plentiful pockets and an abundance of tall tales led by the titular example. Alex Millar is well versed in providing compositionally-descriptive (and graphically evocative) snapshots of the life and times of the gadgie, and this brand new Spring 2016 release continues in the visual vicinity of where he last left off.

That’s the thing which remains so attractive about a Millar iteration; that over familiarity which never breeds contempt and conversely which always seeks to deliver the crowning pictorial glory. This mounted giclee piece by the much celebrated contemporary figurative practitioner can be yours, providing you look to your laurels and get in touch with us at your first convenience. Because as you might imagine the Millar fanbase wastes little time in mobilising once a new study makes the public domain, come summer, autumn, winter or (as the case is here and now) spring.

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