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The Longest Day by John Waterhouse

The Longest Day by John Waterhouse
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by John Waterhouse
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Giclee On Board
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Board Only
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813 x 229 mm

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Flora, fauna and fog are the habitual core visual components prescribed in most John Waterhouse pictorial retreats, and long may it continue so say us. And his wealth of avid fans and collectors may we add. ‘Long’ is the key word in this illustrative instance too, or more specifically, ‘The Longest Day’. A broad graphic remit as ever, coupled with a physical giclee on board expansion of sorts compositionally colludes to afford us this sublime limited edition study, available to pre-order here and now.

Of course the third lengthy supposition behind this brand new Spring 2015 release is arguably the fact that it’s set in the height of summer, perhaps, when we naturally encounter and relish THE longest day. But we could be wrong. Either way, what we’re all gratefully exposed to here is yet another glorious vista by the past master of his contemporary rural landscape-creating art. And long may it continue, etc. 

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