The Corner of the Poppyfield by Timmy Mallett

The Corner of the Poppyfield by Timmy Mallett
Limited Editions of 20 - individually signed by Timmy Mallett
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Giclee On Canvas
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920 x 920 mm

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An Impressionist-esque composition by the cultured hand (and by extension, brush) of one-time kids’ favourite TV presenter, now much sought after contemporary artist, Timmy Mallett, which affords the viewer a poppy-heavy scenario played out to a quasi-Monet beat. A delicious segues of luscious red, liberally sandblasted against a shaded green vegetation, directing canvas activity up toward an embarrassment of blue sky riches. But it’s the decadent poppies and occasional injection of daisies pitted in the foreground that linger longer after you close your eyes that are Mallett’s primary coloured concern here, and one which creates all the artistic fuss and ultimately makes all the right visual noises.


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