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The Coastal Trail by Paul Corfield

The Coastal Trail by Paul Corfield
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Paul Corfield
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Giclee On Board
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Board With Slip
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610 x 610 mm

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All roads lead to the seaside when you’re a child, just like all trees represent an adventure playground. Sadly the same simplistic approach to life can’t always be adopted whence you’re an adult, yet thanks to Paul Corfield’s graphically enlightening artwork are at least afforded a timely glimpse into past times, innocent notions and childlike beliefs. Which is certainly no bad thing during these stress-inducing modern times in which we work, rest and play (all hard, apparently).

Welcoming you to the critically acclaimed contemporary landscape art exponent’s very latest Spring 2016 composition – entitled ‘The Coastal Trail’ – we are pleased to announce that this mood-uplifting giclee on board limited edition study is now in our midst; and as such can be ordered with immediate effect. Each one of the 150 examples bear the best-selling Corfield’s signature, while measuring some 24” squared the piece is destined to make quiet the instant impression within your familiar living space; both to you and your invited guests. 

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