The Big Tease by Jack Vettriano

The Big Tease by Jack Vettriano
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Jack Vettriano
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330 x 381 mm

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Brogues, railings, slicked hair, ornate dresses and much more than stolen glances, tells only part of a story, yet when the acclaimed contemporary figurative art exponent telling it – or rather, painting it – is none other than Jack Vettriano, then the chances are the devil will be in the highly illustrative detail. Plus there’ll be a lot on between-the-line reading to be done. Vettriano’s ‘The Big Tease’ visually represents the best-selling fine artist’s brand new Spring 2017 iteration, and is now available in the guise of this beautiful hand-signed and numbered limited edition giclee. Quite who’s seducing who, is one for the individual narrative, yet what’s not in any doubt is the enduring appeal of this feel-good study by a practitioner at the top of his game. To be in with a shout of ownership, please do contact us today to find out more and secure a future classic by an artist with an enviable back catalogue to his celebrated name. 

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