Tea For Two, And Two For Tea by Peter Smith

Tea For Two, And Two For Tea by Peter Smith
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Peter Smith
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Giclee On Board
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864 x 711 mm

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“Oh you can’t help that” said the Cheshire Cat. “We’re all mad here.” However we often have to walk on the wilder side so as to breed the creativity required to manifest something truly original. Just like Lewis Carroll did some 150 years ago this year. And just like the nation’s favourite contemporary fine artist has done in more recent portfolio times, as illustratively evident in their brand new Autumn 2015 pictorial release seen hereabouts.

That best-selling and award-winning fine art exponent is of course a one Peter Smith, who has looked at just how he might reimagine the pictorially iconic Alice in Wonderland tale for a whole new generation. ‘Tea for Two, and Two for Tea’ therefore graphically encapsulates Smith’s very visual mindset, and takes us all on a trip back down memory lane, only with his unique and signature twists and turns along the highly illustrative way. This very latest limited edition board on canvas iteration is now available to enquire about, and something we’d strongly urge those interested from the outset to invest their time and trouble in, so as not to risk being seen as a bit White Rabbit! #latetotheparty 

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