Tamar Bridge in the Mist by Timmy Mallett

Tamar Bridge in the Mist by Timmy Mallett
Limited Editions of 20 - individually signed by Timmy Mallett
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Giclee On Canvas
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1020 x 310 mm

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Connecting Cornwall to Devon, the Tamar Bridge is an iconic image in the South West of England which has the potential to serve as manna from heaven for artists looking to portray an impressive structure in all seasons and from a myriad of perspectives. One such artist is Timmy Mallett, who chose to capture the suspension bridge, constructed in 1961, in a misty, atmospheric environ as visually crystallized and preserved in paint right here before our eyes. Sombre, yet never funeral, elusive, yet never lost in pictorial translation, colourful, yet never more than ambient, Mallett’s pitch perfect tonal study of ‘Tamar Bridge in the Mist’ is an enlightened piece that instantly reminds you of a breaking dawn full of hope and ambition as much as a redolent dusk, ushering in the excitement and anticipation of an evening well spent. A timeless example of meaning something to everyone, and which without doubt would be a worthy visual addition to any wall space.

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