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Talk To The Wall by Keith Proctor

Talk To The Wall by Keith Proctor
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Keith Proctor
Keith Proctor's biography
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Giclee On Board
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With Slip
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540 x 406 mm

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Fine artist, Keith Proctor first captured the scene above on camera, before revisiting it with paints in the aftermath of his trip to Seahouses harbour to afford us the composition we have today. Kids will be kids, so the fact that there’s a large warning sign evident suggesting not to climb the wall of the sea defences, poses no threat, as they continue to do what doubtless generation of adventurous, fearless children have done before. Scruffy of clothes and dirty of knee, the intrepid foursome have elevated themselves to a commanding position, so as to take in the roaring ocean crashing against the other side of the wall, and essentially keeping the rolling breakers out. Admitting to having once, as a drunken teenager, falling asleep atop this very wall and living to tell the sorry tale, celebrated figurative artist Proctor would strongly advise against such activities on account of there being a fifty foot drop to the sea on the opposing side to this relative calm. 

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