Taking Flight by John Waterhouse

Taking Flight by John Waterhouse
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by John Waterhouse
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635 x 508 mm

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Drawn to the distant sun like a moth to a flame, the two hot air balloons are seemingly magnetised on their hazy globular temptress, whilst below a family exercise their pet dog at the start of another mist-filled day. With a distinct autumnal graphic flavour and illustrative feel, this brand new giclee limited edition from John Waterhouse might almost seem out of pictorial kilter with its Spring 2018 reveal; however the passing and marking of seasons, like time, is largely irrelevant when the visual fayre on offer is of this incredible compositional ilk. Measuring some 25” x 20”, the best-selling contemporary rural landscape artist, Waterhouse’s very latest, hand-monikered iteration is as ethereal and pure escapist as anything which has gone before; and as such is destined to appeal to a typically broad demographic of contemporary landscape fans and collectors. Speak with us now for more information, please. 

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