Take Only What You Need From Me by Todd White

Take Only What You Need From Me by Todd White
Limited Editions of 135 - individually signed by Todd White
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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533 x 711 mm

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Possessing a natural and easy talent (and unequivocal passion) for people-watching, Todd White views his latest subject matter with the eyes of both an artist and a man, and he sees and understands both what we show and what we hide, through his strikingly illustrative portrayals. Back with more of the same this autumn 2017, the celebrated contemporary figurative practitioner is back up to his old (graphic) tricks once again, visually conjuring up a vivaciously-captured hand-embellished canvas iteration for our eyes only. And naturally, for those belonging to his legions of fans, worldwide, who anticipate White’s each and every new compositional reveal with an appetite and hunger as keen as the last. With this very much in mind, we’d urge those interested to enquire about ‘Take only what you need from me’ at their first convenience, so as to side-step any potential disappointment. We look forward to receiving contact from you in the foreseeable. 

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