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Surf's Up by Dylan Izaak

Surf's Up by Dylan Izaak
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Dylan Izaak
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Giclee On Board
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Board Only
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838 x 330 mm

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Dylan Izaak’s brand new Spring 2015 reveal seen here visually harnesses the pulling power of his latest graphic foray, notably elongated limbs. Yes, that’s right. The critically acclaimed and best-selling contemporary fine artist (with more than a hint of the abstract) is more usually witnessed painting the likeness of cityscapes in his hallmark wibbly-wobbly brushstrokes, yet on this very latest pictorial outing has ditched that look and feel in favour of his Stretch Armstrong-a-like characters.

Which, actually, we’re suddenly big fans of. See the long-limbed folk in ‘Surf’s Up’ if you’re in any lingering doubt as to Izaak’s new illustrative direction trialled here and elsewhere within his equally never-been-seen-before new Spring collection. The boy with the surfboard? The boy with the kite? The girls seated at the café table? Every last one of them brandishes supermodel legs, topped off with humongous feet. Coolio. This limited edition giclee on board study – hand-signed by Izaak – is presently up for pre-ordering grabs, so don’t delay! 

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