Sunshine of Your Love by Caroline Shotton

Sunshine of Your Love by Caroline Shotton
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Caroline Shotton
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Boxed Canvas Price:
Giclee On Canvas
Artwork Type:
Boxed Canvas
Image Size:
914 x 914 mm

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They say familiarity breeds contempt in some quarters, yet if that was the case here then we’d absolutely despise Caroline Shotton; based on the underlying fact that the bovines she routinely champions through her best-selling giclee on boxed canvas studies all bear a remarkable resemblance to one another at first glance. At least in terms of full and supporting cast members of the strictly cow nature. But of course that couldn’t be any udder, sorry, further from the pictorial truth of the matter, as although these black and white faces are a recurrent theme, the contextual surround and messages conveyed couldn’t be any more different once you scratch beneath the limited edition’s hand-signed surface. So, ‘Sunshine of Your Life’ (Shotton’s brand new Summer 2016 reveal) may contain value added bovines as usual, yet the musical association in the title ensures that this 36” squared iteration remains as wholly unique as anything which has gone before. 

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