Sunflower Season by Timmy Mallett

Sunflower Season by Timmy Mallett
Limited Editions of 20 - individually signed by Timmy Mallett
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Giclee On Canvas
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760 x 510 mm

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Not content with treating Monet’s fabled waterlilies and poppies to a spot of Mallettisation recently, the former TV kids show hell raiser turned well-received contemporary artist has also summoned his creative powers and zapped the whatnot out of fellow art legend, Van Gogh’s iconic sunflowers on this occasion. Stopping short of placing his sunflowers in a vase and sitting down at his easel, Mallett has originated his variation on a sunflowery theme in all their natural. Set in a field, as opposed to an almost blasphemous yellow vase, Mallett’s ‘Sunflower Season’ still captures the vivid ebullience and generosity of luminosity to reimagine his sunflowers on a Van Gogh tip, yet evidently makes the composition his own in every inch of the canvas, which alongside of being colour-commendable is also acutely balanced and weighted. Predominantly green, yellow and blue, Mallett has signed off a vibrant study that really is pictorial testament to this contemporary artist’s knowledge and respect of the older artist’s work, creative beliefs and approach to mediums and materials.

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