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Sunday Best by Mackenzie Thorpe

Sunday Best by Mackenzie Thorpe
Limited Editions of 295 - individually signed by Mackenzie Thorpe
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660 x 660 mm

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Whether it’s for the promised bingo land, dinner with friends and family or dominoes night at her favourite hostelry, she’s dressed to impress today; and this one day of the week is afforded the wardrobe opportunity to feel a million dollars. Or whatever the Sterling equivalent was, pre-Decimalisation. Wherever you may hail from, there’s an instant chord struck with the woman compositionally catalogued in Mackenzie Thorpe’s brand new Autumn 2016 giclee mounted release, entitled (what else but), ‘Sunday Best’. This 26” squared, individually-signed iteration is packed full of the sentiment which generations before held dear, as the finery came out in all weathers to acknowledge the importance of the 7th day. This delightfully engaging limited edition study can be yours in a heartbeat, simply by contacting us through the usual means of communication.

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