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Study of Dorothy for the Wizard of Oz by Kerry Darlington

Study of Dorothy for the Wizard of Oz by Kerry Darlington
Limited Editions of 75 - individually signed by Kerry Darlington
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Hand Embellished Giclee
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356 x 356 mm

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All gingham-print dress and pigtails, Dorothy is as cute as apple pie and blueberry muffins rolled into one, with a pinch of Toto for added ‘ahhhhh’ factor.

It’s this childhood innocence and sense of adventure that contemporary artist, Kerry Darlington is striving to deliver in this, her latest creative outing that propels the classic story of the Wizard of Oz back into the emerald green light.

There’s a nod to the yellow brick road depicted here in the foreground to remind us where we’re at, while the rainbow straddling the background is another timely pointer. As well as being an influence to another song that helped bring this musical to life back in 1939.

Darlington’s vivaciously coloured composition proffers an almost embossed effect to Dorothy, who’s presence – along with her trusty sidekick, Toto - steals the foreground, which is perfectly countered from a strident visual perspective by the black and white agricultural homesteads found populating the rainbow’s very horizon.

A gorgeous, atmospheric, enigmatic piece by the much-sought after Darlington, which again breathes a refreshed life into a familiar study. 

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