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Spot The Dog by Hayley Goodhead

Spot The Dog by Hayley Goodhead
Limited Editions of 100 - individually signed by Hayley Goodhead
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457 x 457 mm

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Presented here as a mounted giclee piece, 'Spot the Dog' is the latest pictorial incarnation by new contemporary animal artist, Hayley Goodhead.

Modern meets old, contemporary meets traditional, etc in aspiring new contemporary (there’s that buzz word again) animal artist, Hayley Goodhead’s box fresh latest composition, answering to the name of ‘Spot the Dog’.

The ‘modern’ on this occasion is the bold and strident polka dot print pattern, that’s v Ikea from certain elevations (i.e., the front), whilst the ‘old’ is the canine muse. Not age-wise, more compositional style.

Despite dog pictures being a la mode once, they are more normally seen as relatively conservative. Any way, what Goodhead does with calculated, yet immeasurable panache and charm is meld the two in this pictorially magnetic piece that has you in a trance from the outset (although that’s more to do with the proximity/symmetry of those pesky dots).

Peer in a little bit closer, and you’ll notice that the Dally’s spots aren’t all what they crack up to be. Dog bone and paw prints logotypes being neatly blended in between the spots. 

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