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Soho Cab Ride by Neil Dawson

Soho Cab Ride by Neil Dawson
Limited Editions of 50 - individually signed by Neil Dawson
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Boxed Canvas Price:
Please Call
Giclee On Canvas
Artwork Type:
Boxed Canvas
Image Size:
762 x 762 mm

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It doesn’t make any difference just how long you choose to stare at it, or from what angle you scrutinise it. The fact remains this very latest Neil Dawson limited edition boxed canvas affair doesn’t look real. Of course, it IS real, in as much as the best-selling and widely-regarded contemporary cityscape artist painted it as part of his brand new Autumn 2015 mini-series release. But therein lies the truth of the matter. Dawson painted it, when for all of its immensely creative graphical worth it appears to be a photograph of a London cab.

This latest illustrative twist and visual turn in Dawson’s composition-creating timeline underlines the ever-popular exponent of his genre’s willingness to alter direction as he enters the next chapter of his own creative journey, and one he hopes will take him to greater heights. And let’s face it, nobody’s going to alight this means of travel in a hurry if ‘Soho Cab Ride’ is anything to go by. Restricted from the outset to a mere 50 hand-signed editions, this giclee on canvas piece is all set to go the way of Dawson’s back catalogue now that it’s entered the public art-buying domain (i.e, far and fast). Consider yourself duly tipped off as to the urgency by which you must act now to acquire ownership of one of those 50! 

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