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Snapshot by Christine Comyn

Snapshot by Christine Comyn
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Christine Comyn
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530 x 530 mm

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Her knees tucked up beneath her elbows, her arms outstretched to cradle her feet, head tilted back to feel the breeze on her face, she is switched off to anyone or anything’s interference.

What thoughts race through her mind, or not as the case may be, are anybody’s guess, but lost in thought she is. Perhaps in a meditative state, engaged in a higher state of awareness and conscious, she is prisoner to nothing.

Celebrated contemporary figurative artist, Christine Comyn’s latest visual prospect is nothing short of pictorially effervescent again; steeped in multi-faceted layers of colour, swept and shimmering of depth and ravaged emotion.

Flesh tones neither hinder or abate the vibrant illusions of primary colours, redolent and respected, while the pitch and poise of the subject matter in relation to the canvas is strong and clear from the outset.

The rich travesty of colouration from the sketched distance bounce back and reflect in her lower echelons of the young woman’s hair, spectacularly and explosively. 

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