Simply Complicated by Todd White

Simply Complicated by Todd White
Limited Editions of 75 - individually signed by Todd White
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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406 x 635 mm

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Admittedly a bit more Lavigne than Lollobrigida, it’s fair to say that Todd White has offered us a less stylised and appropriately/inappropriately attired femme fatale on this Spring 2017 occasion, as we gaze out upon the acclaimed contemporary figurative art practitioner’s very latest hand-embellished and signed canvas piece. Entitled ‘Simply Complicated’, this 16” x 25” framed iteration nevertheless tells an illustrative tale of someone in charge of her own well-starred destiny, and who takes few if any male prisoners. Which essentially puts us on firm White compositional territory, in but a sentence. As always, it’s exciting to have the incorrigible (and multi-talented) White both walking and painting amongst us again this season, and it goes without saying that demand for this new reveal will almost definitely outstrip the supply of but 75 pieces.

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