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Secret Treehouse by Kerry Darlington

Secret Treehouse by Kerry Darlington
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Kerry Darlington
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Hand Embellished & Glossed
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508 x 508 mm

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Whilst Trading Standards might want a little word with hugely popular contemporary fine artist, Kerry Darlington on account of her ‘Secret Treehouse’ not actually comprising of, well, the treehouse, there’s no escaping the underlying fact that every other surreal snippet and illustrative promise is all present and correct in this, her brand new limited edition composition.

And maybe just maybe, the Secret Treehouse is so well hidden that it’ll remain secret. Anyway, this is just idle gossip, when instead let’s concentrate on the stark-staring facts we have in front of us in this artist-signed, vivacious, vibrant graphical spectacle.

Gorgeous colourations? Check. Stunning weight and balance? Check. A raft of elements which ensures that we see something we hadn’t noticed before each time we view it? Check. So there we have it. 

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