Satin and Pearls II by Mark Spain

Satin and Pearls II by Mark Spain
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Mark Spain
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Giclee On Canvas
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610 x 760 mm

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Clasping and clutching her delicious pearl necklace, fashioned around her swan-like neck with multi-layered opulence and womanly intent, she closes her eyes and pictures herself in another place at another time, perhaps in the company of strangers, or perhaps those of a more familiar face and name. lovers, like fashions come and go, as do gentleman callers, yet pearls remain steadfastly true and close at hand and are if not best friend, run a certain other gemstone a meritable second. A luminous backdrop, a welcoming and invitational chaise long at her beck and call, the comfort that this young woman require and craves is more of the emotional strain we should imagine, taking into account the expressions etched across that porcelain-perfect face and luscious skin tones that the artist excels with painted virtue. The artist in question is celebrated contemporary figurative exponent, Mark Spain, and this, ‘Satin and Pearls II’ his latest canvas representation and offering to fans and collectors alike. Enigmatic, alluring, evocative and steeped in seismically seductive swatches of romance-heavy and love-brimmed colourations, Spain recaptures a colonial glory in his decadent palette and brush work and ultimately furnishes us with a powerful pictorial proposition. 

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