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Rule Britannia by Dylan Izaak

Rule Britannia by Dylan Izaak
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Dylan Izaak
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Giclee On Board
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Board Only
Image Size:
610 x 483 mm

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The brand new giclee on board limited edition observed here – and entitled ‘Rule Britannia’ – is yet another trailblazing example of the somewhat idiosyncratic world of a man who can only be described as a genuine one-off practitioner in his contemporary urban cityscape genre. That man/artist is none other than widely-respected and self-taught Dylan Izaak, the very same one who kicked off his career by working as a globe-trotting street artist and capturing the graphic likeness of many a famous building in the medium of pen and ink. Well, both he and his much-collected art of expressionism is back this Summer of 2016, hereabouts in the shape and (highly illustrative) form of ‘Rule Britannia’; a limited edition giclee on board study, restricted to just 195 individually-signed pieces. Focusing on a variety of overtly English urban flora and fauna, this compositional newbie can be order with immediate effect. 

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